Custom Pet Portaits

Custom Pet Portaits

You’ve seen it- the comfy Crewneck with a portrait of your dog stitched on it 
how does this work?

1. Choose the best picture of your pup. The picture should be clear, front facing & high resolution

2. Your photo gets sent to a digitizer(someone who converts picture files into an embroidery file) My girl Helen is the best of the best

3. The new file gets downloaded to a USB drive & transferred to an embroidery machine. 

4. Thread colors are chosen to best match your dog’s colors. Each color thread must be changed manually- this part can be time consuming

5. The pattern is stitched onto the sweatshirt- the whole process takes ~30-45 per pet. Sometimes longer depending on the details!

Have other questions? Please reach out! I’d love to help!

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